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Hi, I'm a traveling yoga teacher, filmmaker and photographer!

I love to travel with all my heart, it gives me a meaning to life and I am very passionate and inspired by all things that visually catch my attention. I love to communicate, tell stories and share experiences and I find photography and film-making are the best way to share what I see and express how I feel.

Yoga has been part of my life since my early twenties. I've been through so many transformations since the beginning of my yoga journey and I am beyond grateful for where it has taken me so far.

For the past years I have been traveling the world diving deep into different yoga studies and sharing what I learn with people and communities along the way. I teach private classes, group class, hold worldwide retreats and have participated in yoga

festivals and events.

I feel so lucky I get to work with what I love. I create social media content for wellness professionals, studios, retreats, events and at the same time I also teach and share my yoga.

Yoga, film making, photography and travel work I've had the opportunity to teach and creat content for a variety of differnt yoga studios and schools aroud



I want to inspire people to look and feel for a change in their lives. I want people to feel more confident of who they are, and more secure with where they stand. Yoga helped me

My mission is to inspire people through yoga so they can begin to feel the transformations I felt in my life.



I host a travel show for Brazilian TV and web, about festivals around the world, called Gypsy Road and I sign the direction of the show.

 I have been working with images for almost 10 years now, hopping on and off different departments in the field and always studying - film production, direction of photography, direction, art direction, post production and acting and hosting.  

I shoot, edit, produce, or direct, act or host and feel capable and eager to take on any project in any part of the world. Most of what I do are  documentary, event coverage, corporate, behind the scenes, travel, and music videos.

I am also a 500h registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, having trained with Shiva Rea, Duncan Peak, Leslie Kaminoff and other international yoga teachers. I use both my passion for travel, videography and yoga to teach, travel and create beautiful stories.



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